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PERFECT HEALTH began in 1996 at Indonesia. Back then, we were a retailer for massage equipment and handheld massage
devices at major roadshow and events. As the business gaining popularity, PERFECT HEALTH diversified into retailing at major
shopping mall. By 2006, the total channel of sales outlet touches 37 flagship stores and 40 point of exhibition team across the
country (Indonesia).

Later on, in 2002, first flagship store was open at Malaysia’s most popular mall THE PAVILLON MALL (Kuala Lumpur). In 2008,
as the customer shopping patternswitched toward digital, PERFECT HEALTH started its own online website for the convenience
of after sales services and new customer group outside the capital of Malaysia.

In 2010, PERFECT HEALTH entry into Philippines with the first showroom at Manila Ocean Park. PERFECT HEALTH served as the
pioneer company at it segment in the Philippines. With rising of popularity, PERFECT HEALTH max up to sixteen consulting team
cater for roadshowing and exhibiting around the Philippines.

Today, Perfect Health expanded to 45 retail stores and 65 exhibits across the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia with full range
of massage products to cater millions of customers across the Region.

Our core is all about health and wellness massage product to cater to our valuable customer by providing first class health care
products at attractive price range.

PERFECT HEALTH enhance on research and development to provide innovative and improve in design and structure to be above
market trends. Professional health consultant is the added services to topped the value of the brand name.

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